Saturday, July 30, 2011

“[F]urther out of the solar system”

Andrew Sullivan wonders whether Republicans are seeking to force President Obama to invoke the Fourteenth Amendment so that they can impeach him:

Far-fetched? I hope so. But every time you think you have reached the end of Republican extremism, they manage to move further out of the solar system.

Are They Aiming for Impeachment? (The Dish)
Sullivan observes that current events are “dictated by a single faction in one party in one chamber whose fanaticism is only matched by their irresponsibility.”

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normann said...

Otto von Bismarck was reputed to have quipped something to the effect that "a special Providence looked out for drunks, small children and the United States of America." This is why I always revered Bismarck as the most astute German statesman of the 19th century (his tragic flaw: erecting a system in which he was indispensable, which paved the way to Verdun and the Marne). Americans of all stripes ought to be very careful when pressing their luck.

Gotta log out now...

Michael Leddy said...

I’ve been alternating today between following what’s happening and trying to put it out of mind. I don’t like being a passenger on the Ship of State right now.