Monday, July 25, 2011

Brian Wilson’s former house for sale

For sale, in St. Charles, Illinois: Brian Wilson’s former house, with nine fireplaces, six full bathrooms, five bedrooms, two half-bathrooms, and one underground recording studio. A newspaper reports that the studio is not in use: “‘It’s just space,’ said the resident who answered the door there last week.“

Wilson lived in St. Charles briefly, where he worked on the Imagination album (1998) with producer Joe Thomas. In Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys: The Complete Guide to Their Music (2004), Andrew G. Doe and John Tobler write that Wilson spent “maybe a total of three months in the house” and later sold it.

Beach Boy's former St. Charles house for sale (Daily Herald)
5N129 Dover Hill Road, St. Charles, Illinois (Caldwell Banker)

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Pete said...

Only three months? You wouldn't know it from reading the Tribune back then - they used to constantly refer to Wilson as a St. Charles resident, maybe in some sort of desperate claim for cultural significance.

Michael Leddy said...

Ha. I remember when I got interested in BW and the Beach Boys (late in the game) thinking about how strange it was that BW was living in Illinois, landlocked.