Friday, July 29, 2011

Man in inflatable chair

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Above, Bob Dishy as Jerry in Lovers and Other Strangers (dir. Cy Howard, 1970). Along with the extravagant markers of with-it — the lava lamp, the door beads, the YIELD sign, there’s a Barbra Streisand record (My Name Is Barbra) on the shelf. In other words, Jerry’s trying too hard. You should hear the conversation.

Lovers and Other Strangers is a funny film with a terrific ensemble cast. And it offers the only chance you’ll ever have to see Bea Arthur and Richard Castellano play a married couple.

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Pete said...

A "Yield" sign above the bed - how charming. Back in my bachelor days I used to joke about stealing the "Please Form Two Lines" from Portillo's and putting it at the foot of my bed. (The joke was particularly funny to anyone familiar with my love life, or the pathetic lack thereof.)

Michael Leddy said...

That’d be even better than YIELD.

Jay Leonard Schwartz said...

Dig those loafers. Reminds me of my 'Thom McAn' days, long ago.