Saturday, April 9, 2011

Roger Ebert on Donald Trump

From a post on wealth in America:

[T]he most visible plutocrat in America is Donald Trump, a man who has made a fetish of his power. What kind of sick mind conceives of a television show built on suspense about which “contestant” he will “fire” next? What sort of masochism builds his viewership? Sadly, I suspect it is based on viewers who identify with Trump, and envy his power over his victims. Don’t viewers understand they are the ones being fired in today’s America?

The One-Percenters (Chicago Sun-Times)

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Geo-B said...

Although I usually agree with Roger, let's not get touchy-feely over firing people. It is the technique of many shows, from America's Next Top Model, to Project Runway, to Survivor, where every week someone gets voted off the island. It's also the pattern of the heartbreaking but traditional Spelling Bee, where every round some adorable moppet gets booted.

In education we're not firing people but ideally we're rewarding good efforts and results while halting the slipshod and the failed (without the Donald's glee, of course). Today's client/students would prefer everyone get an A, but it is still productive to reward the successful and redirect the unsuccessful.

Michael Leddy said...

I think there’s a difference though between losing by one’s own effort and getting fired by the gods. And these shows seem to invite the viewer to venerate and fear the gods.