Monday, April 4, 2011

Elayne Clift on academic entitlement

Adjunct faculty member Elayne Clift ponders academic entitlement after a semester of “appallingly poor papers and presentations”:

As the semester continued, I slipped further into despair. . . . [W]hy couldn't they write in sentences? Why were they devoid of originality, analytical ability, intellectual curiosity? Why were they accosting me with hostile e-mails when I pointed out unsubstantiated generalizations, hyperbolic assumptions, ungrounded polemics, sourcing omissions, and possible plagiarism?

From Students, a Misplaced Sense of Entitlement (Chronicle of Higher Education)
Here’s the kicker: she was teaching a graduate class.

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Elaine said...

Good grief. (She doesn't shoot herself in the end, does she?)

Michael Leddy said...

Click thorugh and see. :)

Elaine said...

I did read the article... I wonder if she will have to call Security to dismiss someone from her classroom. Totally sad.