Friday, April 22, 2011

The corrupted-file trick

Two recent searches that led to Orange Crate Art: how to fake emailing a paper to your professor and turning in paper late corrupt file trick. Sigh.

Attention, students: Don’t try it. Your teachers are likely aware of this trick. Even if they’re not, a file that refuses to open is your problem, not theirs. When getting such a file, few if any teachers will feel anything other than the feeling that they’re being had. When they figure out what you’ve done, you are likely to be in even deeper trouble for having engaged in academic misconduct.

Attention, teachers: When you get a file that won’t open, it’s likely that you’re dealing a student who didn’t take the advice I just offered. Open the file with a text-editor. Do you see a paper or other project amid the encoding? If not, you’re being had.

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