Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Tele-Rest No. 300

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I’ve had a Tele-Rest No. 300 sitting around for many years, purchased (in the 1990s?) from a going-out-of-business office-supplies store. I bought this item only for its box, which predates ZIP codes. The Tele-Rest itself is stamped with a San Diego ZIP code (92109). Herman H. Renneker (1898–1966) must have been a thrifty user of outdated packaging.

A brief obituary describes the circumstances in which the idea for the Tele-Rest was born. It was during the Second World War, when Renneker was working in the purchasing department at Solar Aircraft:

It was one day at Solar, when all the telephones were ringing at once, that Renneker walked out of the office, went across the street for a cup of coffee and hit on the Telerest idea.
Here’s the patent for “Telephone Hand Set Supports” (Dec. 9, 1958).

I have a Model 500 telephone that I used in my office (its ring astonished students), so I (finally) tried attaching the Tele-Rest to the handset this morning. Alas, the device is not especially helpful for keeping the handset on my shoulder. It’s just too small — the Tele-Rest, that is. If I were really using a Model 500 in everyday life, scrunching the handset between my head and shoulder would work much better.

[The box is more attractive than what’s inside. But you can still click for a larger view.]

My Tele-Rest will remain in the Museum of Supplies. But an Etsy seller has a grey Tele-Rest for sale, right now, marked up to $14 from $1.49 — that’s the price scrawled in grease pencil across the box (marked down from $2.25).

This post is the twenty-third in a very occasional series, “From the Museum of Supplies.” Supplies is my word, and has become my family’s word, for all manner of stationery items. The museum is imaginary. The supplies are real.

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