Thursday, November 17, 2022

Today’s Zippy ’s yesterday

“How much time do we spend remembering the past?” Today’s Zippy is one for the ages.

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ChasM said...

Off topic but Loomis @ LGM has a post about 1920's sandwiches. They get increasingly baroque and gross, but the very first one sounds like a perfect thing:

Sardolive Sandwich
“Mix equal parts of sardines, chopped olives and hard-boiled egg yolks and season highly with lemon juice, salt and paprika.” (p. 63)

Full link

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks. I never would’ve thought of that combination — which does seem like one of the tamer choices from that list.

J D Lowe said...

From my “Reading Too Much Into A Cartoon” file: It was no doubt unintentional, but the cartoon is a lot like our memories: the overhead wiring needed to power a streetcar like the PCC shown in the 2nd panel is missing (even the PCC’s trolley pole is missing) much like the way we as individuals inadvertently edit out from our memories the things, and sometimes important things, we have taken no notice of. In answer to the question in panel 3, an edited version of the past lives on in our memories. But then, maybe that streetcar didn't need overhead wiring, and it's me reading into the past of the image. The past is a complicated thing :-)

Michael Leddy said...

Interesting! In the documentary Crumb, R. talks about drawing streetlights and telephone poles and wires, all the stuff we don’t register. The camera shows photographs of ordinary streets and corners that he uses for reference.

I’m guessing that these panels might be from old photographs, but who knows?