Friday, June 11, 2021


A pastrami Reuben. An L. L. Bean Timberline shirt, at least thirty-five years old, every edge frayed, good as an overshirt around the house in cold weather. Shark! Apples. Elly Ameling, John Ashbery, Fito de la Parra, Richard Goode, Milt Hinton, Stanley Lombardo, Trevor Pinnock, Larry Taylor, Clark Terry. Many things I’ll miss out on. Coffee brewing. Garbanzos cooking. Yes. Flat. Safari. “Lush Life.” 47. Reading, writing, walking, loving, caring.


I forgot one: My Dinner with André.

[Watching A Late Show last night prompted me to devise my own answers to the Colbert Questionert. Why not? I was startled when Seth Rogen answered “47,” because that’s our fambly number, for reasons that will remain in the fambly.]

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Fresca said...

Fun! I love the questions—will take the test tomorrow.

“Lush Life”, great choice—sung by . . . ?

Fresca said...

P.S. Is “My Dinner with Andre” your favorite action movie?
(I love if it is.)

Michael Leddy said...

Wait a sec — it says song, not recording. I think I’m entitled to multiple versions, but if I had to choose one, it’d be Johnny Hartman with John Coltrane.

Yes, lol, that’s my choice for action movie.

Fresca said...

So many good recordings--I love Billy Strayhorn's own version too:
"I was wrongG!"

Lots of action in Andre... just not on screen. Something about being buried in a forest in Poland?

Michael Leddy said...

I think we talked about the Strayhorn version once. Rickie Lee Jones has a great one too.

I think the burial was on Long Island, near Richard Avedon’s place. Oh those privileged people.

Fresca said...

Reading your answers to Bink,
re “shark!” I mentioned that you live in Illinois.

“Land shark!” she said. 😊

Michael Leddy said...

Ha, yes! But I’ve had my feet in both oceans, so “Shark!”

Frex said...

Yes, even if a person never goes near an ocean, still, SHARK!!!