Thursday, June 10, 2021


I was in a hotel suite, having just bought a rare 78, and I was disguising my find, switching its sleeve, which bore a sticker with a high price, with a sleeve from a 78 whose sticker showed a much lower price. And a voice said, “Michael, stop.”

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[Sources, I think: travel thoughts, an online presentation of rare Duke Ellington recordings, and Party Girl (dir. Nicholas Ray, 1958), in which Robert Taylor and Sam McDaniel look at 78s to determine the proper music for Taylor’s impending assignation with Cyd Charisse. In waking life I own no 78s, rare or common.]

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Fresca said...

LOL--relabeling for a lower price--customers do that at the thrift store.

You are a good manager of yourself.

Michael Leddy said...

When I worked at a discount department store, one guy repriced merchandise for his family members. So a whole Farberware set for a few dollars. That was back in the time of price stickers. No one noticed.

Keep in mind that in my dream I was switching sleeves so no thief would notice my find. I’m sure I had already paid the right price. : )