Friday, July 3, 2020

Tomorrow’s Saturday Stumper

Tomorrow’s Newsday Saturday Stumper is by Greg Johnson. By Stumper standards, it’s an easy puzzle. I had to guess for the last letter, a cross of 49-A, six letters, “Laurel Weaver, in Men in Black ” and 50-D, five letters, “Start to go.” I guessed right, and saw the logic of 50-D as soon as I typed the missing letter. Aha.

Some clues I especially liked:

2-D, eight letters, “Treat shaped like toes.” I think I know the answer only from living in the midwest.

15-A, nine letters, “Rescuers in whodunits.” You were thinking people?

35-A, six letters, “Big name in Haitian rap.” Oh, that must be — yes, it is.

38-D, eight letters, “Diamond former.” Baseball? OLDTIMER? No.

40-A, seven letters, “It might go with a miniskirt.” The first few letters of the answer are a bit of misdirection — I think.

54-A, three letters, “You might have a ball with it.” Especially in the dowdy world.

My favorite clue: 28-D, six letters, “Screen icon since the ’80s.” Here the first few letters of the answer must be meant as misdirection.

No spoilers: the answers are in the comments.

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Michael Leddy said...

AGENTL. LETIT. In other words, “Let it go.”


MODESTY. I was thinking MOD-something, a mod article of clothing.

TEA. PACMAN. I was thinking PACINO, but his career began much earlier.

A nice connection to PACMAN: 62-A, nine letters, “‘Power pellet’ for 28 Down”: ENERGIZER.

joecab said...

I wasn’t thinking people for 15 across either, so I typed in WHITE MICE, as in the Disney characters.

Michael Leddy said...

Oh, I was thinking people: shamuses, detectives, neither of which fit.

Michael Leddy said...

Or fits, if they’re words used as words and not genuine plurals.