Wednesday, July 8, 2020

109 is the new 79

Elaine and I began our Great Pause on March 14. I’ve been keeping track of the days like so:

18 days (March) + 30 (April) + 31 (May) = 79.

And now 30 more (June) = 109. So I add the day’s date to 109. Today is day 117.

Reader, are you tracking time in this way?

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Zhoen said...

I haven't been tracking time at all.

Geo-B said...

My number's 114. I keep track. But, there's also those 2-week countdowns. If someone breathes on you indiscriminately, you are aware of when 2-weeks-after passes,

Fresca said...

Sort of.
I went back to work in May, so I stopped tracking Covid time.
Now I track from George Floyd's murder on May 25.
Let's see... that's 44 days now.

geemail said...

The 17th seemed like the number out here but for me it's Friday (13)that I went to Trader Joe's and the cupboards were bare.