Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Bryan Garner leaves the party

Bryan A. Garner: as in Garner’s Modern American Usage and Garner’s Modern English Usage. Grammar-wise and usage-wise, Orange Crate Art is a Garner-friendly zone. His name appears often in these pages. Links to OCA posts appear in three Garner tweets.

Two ways to gauge the significance of Garner’s announcement: 1. Garner collaborated on two books with Antonin Scalia, and the two men developed a deep friendship. 2. A Garner-edited volume on judicial precedent has Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh as two of its twelve contributors.

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Daughter Number Three said...

I saw Garner's statement on Twitter and thought it was notable, though I had forgotten his level of Republican credibility was quite that high.

Michael Leddy said...

Pretty high, I guess. He was in the audience at the start of the Kavanaugh hearings. I’ve read something, somewhere, in which he identifies himself as leaning libertarian.

Michael Leddy said...

Found it — in The Wall Street Journal: “A Republican with libertarian leanings, Mr. Garner personally favors abortion rights, same-sex marriage and gun control, all anathema to Justice Scalia’s conservatism. Where Justice Scalia was a faithful Catholic who insisted upon the traditional Latin Mass, Mr. Garner took little interest in organized religion.”