Friday, August 9, 2019

Bob Wilber (1928–2019)

Bob Wilber, clarinetist and saxophonist — soprano saxophonist par excellence — has died at the age of ninety-one. The New York Times has an obituary.

Here are just two samples of Wilber’s art: “Nagasaki” (Harry Warren–Mort Dixon) and “Some of These Days” (Shelton Brooks), both recorded in 1976 with Soprano Summit: Bob Wilber and Kenny Davern, soprano saxes; Marty Grosz, guitar; George Duvivier, bass; Fred Stoll, drums. I just looked at my LP, thinking that the liner notes might tell me who’s doing what, but no dice. Fair to say though that the more Bechet-like horn is Wilber’s. If “Bechet-like” means nothing to you, no matter: just listen for instant joy.

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Elaine said...

Don has a few precious records on which one hears Sidney Bechet.... if I recall correctly.

Michael Leddy said...

Sorry to be so late getting your comment on, Elaine (out all day, away from devices).

Here’s something for Don, if he doesn’t know it already: “Ain’t Misbehavin’,” with Bechet, Rex Stewart, Earl Hines, John Lindsey, Baby Dodds. The volume should be all the way up. :)