Thursday, August 22, 2019

Spider, short-order cook

I went looking for short-order cooks and found Spider, a short film by Gary Anderson:

Spider was Ken Osgood, seen here at Paul’s Diner in Laconia, New Hampshire. Osgood was the subject of a 2007 newspaper article about Laconia’s diner culture. He died in 2012.

If anyone can date this film with more than a guess, I’d like to know.

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Anonymous said...

I would guess in the 1970's. Boing boing posted it as being a 1970 short film. See The comments below the posting are interesting to read including someone who actually ate there then.

I would also take a guess from some of the hair styles in the film.

Unfortunately many of the old diners in NH are gone. I loved those places with their character although the food wasn't always the best!


Michael Leddy said...

Yes, the YouTube comments are terrific (save for the ones about cocaine and speed — I really doubt that’s what’s going on). Spider turned to clock repair after his cooking days, which I guess required the same manual dexterity but at a much slower pace.