Tuesday, August 13, 2019


Dozer, a free app for macOS, hides one or more or nearly all menu bar icons. (The Notifications icon doesn’t budge.) Follow the directions on the download page to select icons for hiding. Then click on the Dozer dot in the menu bar to show or hide icons. Yes, irony: an app designed to hide menu bar icons adds an icon of its own to the menu bar. You can also use a keyboard shortcut to show or hide.

In my experience, Dozer is solid — a much more reliable app than the free app Vanilla, which again and again makes parts of my Safari menu bar disappear. I give Dozer the Orange Crate Art seal of approval.


August 20: An update makes Dozer better still, with options to hide menu bar icons automatically, hide the Dozer menu bar icon, and show and hide less frequently used menu bar icons.

Thanks to Morten, the developer, for a great free app.

[I want to write menu-bar icons, but according to the Apple Style Guide, it’s menu bar icons.]

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johannes said...

Good tip! Dozer is great. I shelled out for Bartender ages ago and of course it's great and has some nice refinements that Dozer doesn't. Like you can set the menu-bar (i am with you!) icon of an app to appear only if it's active like Dropbox for example. But if I'd known about Dozer I might have saved my money.

Michael Leddy said...

But then again, you’ve had the benefit of Bartender for years, right? Dozer first appeared last December.

johannes said...

Oh yes. I don't regret paying for Bartender. I guess what I was awkwardly gesturing at is that if someone needs an app which does only that one thing and does it well Dozer is a great free solution... :)

Michael Leddy said...

I dig. I love free apps that do one necessary thing and do it really well.