Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Nancy, meta and dowdy

[Nancy, March 5, 2019.]

From today’s Nancy, an Olivia Jaimes panel for the ages. Another kid has been giving Nancy drawing tips: “If you mess up a character’s eyes, just add sunglasses.” “If you mess up their mouth, just make it bigger.” “Worst comes to worst, you can just scribble it all out and add a label.” Thus this fourth panel.

What I really like is the dotted line — très dowdy.

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[Just to be clear: “for the ages” is praise, not sarcasm. I like this stuff.]

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Frex said...

Ah, yes, there she is--scribble it all out and add a label!
I think I didn't link your header to this because of the switch in meaning of "scribble".