Friday, October 27, 2017

Shine on, Hallmark Channel

Our fambly has found reliable entertainment in the local cable company’s plot summaries of Hallmark Channel movies, summaries at least as good as the movies themselves. Here’s one for Harvest Moon:

A rich girl loses her wealth when her family goes bankrupt, so she heads to a pumpkin farm they own and uses her ingenuity to create a line of pumpkin skin care.

~ It’s a good thing that even in bankruptcy, the family owns a pumpkin farm.

~ But wait: should that be owned?

~ Between the time I photographed the description and wrote this post, Harvest Moon seems to have come and gone. The Hallmark Channel has already moved on to Christmas movies. And it’s not even Thanksgiving. Or even Halloween.

~ As Elaine reminds me, Illinois is The Great Pumpkin State. If this movie didn’t take place in Illinois, well, it should have.

~ Skin care for pumpkins probably takes a lot of ingenuity.

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comments: 5

The Crow said...

"~ Skin care for pumpkins probably takes a lot of ingenuity"

Ha-ha-ha-haha-ha-ha-(chortle)! :)

Daughter Number Three said...

Minnesota is the *turkey* state. Imagine the skin-care possibilities.

Slywy said...

Too scintillating for me.

zzi said...

Nov 1. Beginning of the Christmas, Holiday, Hanukkah etc. season. Just don't mention Turkey Day. Is there a Thanksgiving Day hit song? “Turkey In The Straw”

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks, everyone for the comments. You’ve made this a value-added post.

A Thanksgiving song? The only one I can think of is Irving Berlin’s “I’ve Got Plenty to Be Thankful For,” from Holiday Inn.