Monday, October 9, 2017

Hi and Lois watch

Dot Flagston has just wished that it were possible to celebrate “the holidays” earlier. Because right now the world is a carousel of color, sort of:

[Hi and Lois, October 9, 2017.]

Today’s Hi and Lois makes me think of the first sentence of a poem I made from remarks of my then-very-young daughter Rachel: “The colors are / broken.” They are, indeed. And I’m certainly not going to take the time to fix them. Tinkering with what’s in the balloon makes things dumber and funnier:

[Hi and Lois, altered, October 9, 2017.]

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Elaine Fine said...

Here's the whole song:

Michael Leddy said...

Your childhood TV must have had better reception. I think I only saw the short version.