Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Truman Capote meets Willa Cather

“‘I ought to tell you —’ She paused; then, in a rushing voice, more or less whispered: ‘I wrote those books.’”

From an unfinished account that Truman Capote began writing the day before his death. It was published in Vanity Fair in 2006, but I discovered it just days ago.

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Elaine said...

Wow. Thanks for that! What a shame we don't get to hear the rest of the story.... but that's the way life is. (I still think about the children in my classroom in 1969, my first year as a teacher; I wonder what became of them.)

Michael Leddy said...

I am now imagining this meeting as a First Encounter by Edward Sorel and Nancy Caldwell Sorel, with Cather about twice as tall as Capote, looming over him. :)