Saturday, December 3, 2016

Shameless spouse-promotion

A small package in the mailbox: Amazon? No. A present not to be opened right now? No. What is it? I opened it: “You’re on it!” said I.

Or them: in the package were two copies of a CD from MSR Classics, Stories for Our Time: Music for Trumpet by Women Composers, by Thomas Pfotenhauer (trumpet) and Vincent Fuh (piano). And on the CD, a piece by Elaine Fine, Sonata for Trumpet and Piano. Elaine knew this recording was in the works, but had no idea when it would appear.

Pfotenhauer and Fuh are exceptional musicians. It’s nice to have your music in, or under, good hands.

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Fresca said...

Fanfare for Elaine. (Nothing to do with fanworks!)

Michael Leddy said...

In the key of E! I’ll show her.