Thursday, December 8, 2016


The New York Times reports that even one cigarette a day is bad for your health:

A person who habitually smokes just one cigarette a day is nine times as likely to die from lung cancer as a nonsmoker, and even if he or she quits at age 50, still has a 44 percent increased risk of premature death.
It would be especially awful to smoke just one cigarette a day and die from a smoking-related illness, no? Quit.

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[Four or five cigarettes a day was my habit, many years ago.]

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Berit said...

I'd like to add: Dear smokers, many people with lung ailments (diseases, intolerances, weaknesses, etc.)—such as myself following a bad viral infection last year—are really harmed by your secondhand smoke production. You are ALWAYS too close to the building entrances. Walking along smoking is even worse—we cannot get away from you, and must endure a constant supply of whatever the wind brings as you walk-and-talk. Coughing, pain, being unable to get enough oxygen to have any energy; you can ruin my day or half-week, at worst. I'd rather be attacked physically by a stranger on the street and have him black my eye than endure his smoke. Just because you "suck it up" doesn't mean everyone else can.