Monday, August 8, 2016

NPR, sheesh

From an All Things Considered story about Olympic athletes who are already done: “While her U.S. teammates are angsting about their events, she’s free to chill.”

Elaine reacted to the sentence before I did.

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[The NPR text-version: “While her U.S. teammates are full of angst about their events, she’s free to chill.” The story as broadcast has angsting .]

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Fresca said...

"Angsting" = very fannish!

But "to chill" sounds outdated...? (not sure, but I don't see/hear it...)

Michael Leddy said...

I think it’s NPR trying to appeal to a younger demographic and not succeeding. It’s still the news, and it sounds (to my ears) condescending in that setting. I think chill probably is outdated, except in “Chill out!” (“Calm down!”) Netflix and chill has probably done something to ruin chill , no?