Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Chrome changes

I was wondering about Chrome this morning: the Back and Forward and Reload arrows looked thinner, and the Omnibox’s drop-down list of URLs had entries in blue. What? Yes, Chrome had changed. The new design is flatter; tabs are a bit taller and have sharper corners, and then there are those blue URLs. Chrome does updates automatically: thus these changes may catch the user (or me) unawares.

It’s easy to get the old look back, at least for now: Type chrome:// flags in the Omnibox and look for “Material Design in the browser’s top chrome.” Select Non-material from the drop-down menu and relaunch.

If you choose to make further changes on the flags page, leave a trail of breadcrumbs as you do. In other words, write down what you’re doing so that you can undo easily if something goes wrong.

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