Thursday, July 7, 2016

Pocket notebook sighting

[From Mr. Holmes , (dir. Bill Condon, 2015). Click either image for a larger view.]

Sherlock Holmes’s doctor has given him a datebook and has asked him to make a dot every time he is unable to remember the name of a person or place. The filmmakers have been thoughtful enough to create a two-days-per-page datebook — to my mind, the dowdiest of formats. Yet they’ve been careless enough to leave out the red lines that should border each date. They’re missing from the first two dates in the first shot and from the first three dates in the second. These shots fill the screen: did no one notice? Bewildering.

I think Holmes is supposed to be writing with a miniature mechanical pencil or leadholder, though it looks more like a ball-point refill.


9:22 a.m.: Could it be that red borders are for Saturdays and Sundays only? I have never seen a datebook, old or new, that marks off dates in that way.

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