Friday, December 5, 2014

Dialogue writing of orange and strawberry

Yet another cybernaut has arrived in search of homework: dialogue writing of orange and strawberry. Well, okay:

“Hello there, strawberry. What the hull is going on?”

“Aah, just the daily rind.”
Please continue this assignment in the comments if you so choose.

Many searches for homework in the form of write five sentences have ended up at Orange Crate Art. A post about five sentences from Bleak House started it all.

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Anonymous said...

O: "Hello there, strawberry. What the hull is going on?'

S: "Aah, just the daily rind."

O: "I seed that was the case. I understand you strawberries, as I orange, choose smoothy Julius."

S: "You have achene sense of humor. I tip my cap to please. But as to bijioux so vitreous, might I give a squeeze?"

O: "Believe me, segments would resist first until we burst. Last we cast the skins aside, and lie there naked, wide."

S: "Would you mock, Orange?"

O: "Only red-ily."

S: "Who would toot such, Fruit? Root for me, I'd root for you."

O: "Picking me can be slim and grim. Or overripe, gripe some. I'd go out on a limb and say, I'm glad I'm not a plum."

S: "Berry nice, I opine, for pine is oh so hard. Let's both be grape-ful that we not like the readily red Swiss chard."

O: "Overstay y-our welcome? A pun is fun, but please, let's both go for a curdy swim in our pool of cottage cheese."

Daughter Number Three said...

"This is sure a seedy place you've got."

"I find it increases my zest for life."

Geo-B said...

Orange ya going to ask me how I'm doing? I already seed it on yer outside. Yer a pip!

Michael Leddy said...

Delightful, everyone! Thank you for playing.

Elaine said...

I see I'm late to the party; not much computer time lately!

'You're looking rather seedy; have you been ill? As for me, I've been doing a lot of navel-gazing lately.'

Michael Leddy said...

Thank you, Elaine. I didn’t realize that “navel” was still there for the taking. Low-hanging fruit!