Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Ghostwriter blurb writer

Before there was wireless, there was Ghostwriter . The show was a fambly obsession when our children were growing up. I always thought that the Ghostwriter emblem suggested the Chinese character 言 [yán ], which means “speech,” “words,” “to say,” “to talk.”

I discovered in my files a Ghostwriter blurb that I wrote in 1994 for my university’s PBS affiliate. I had forgotten all about going to bat for the series:
Ghostwriter shows a world in which children work and play in words, a world in which keeping a journal, reading a novel, revising a letter, making a petition, or composing a song is as everyday and natural as breathing. Reading and writing here are not just “school” — they’re the stuff life is made of. I can’t think of another television show that offers more ways for children — and even their parents — to grow as readers and writers.
Or as they said on Ghostwriter, Word!

No Googling: can you name the original six-member Ghostwriter team, fast?

[Ghostwriter logo from Wikipedia.]

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