Friday, December 26, 2014

On break

[“Santa Taking a ‘Coffee Break’ During NYC Christmas Season.” Photograph by Leonard McCombe. New York City, 1962. From the Life Photo Archive.]

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Fresca said...

This mirrors your blog profile picture!

The Crow said...

However did he keep his moustache and beard clean? Are there rules regarding how a Santa eats in public? Is there such a thing as a Santa Claus union or guild? Is there an apprenticeship one must serve?

Amazing the questions a simple photograph inspire, isn't it? I'd never given the subject much thought, never wondered how one becomes a Santa, until your post.

Anonymous said...

Given the bell on the table, I'd wager he was a Salvation Army volunteer, for I remember as a kid that they wore the Santa "stuff" as part of the spiel. Today apparently the bell ringers are paid an hourly wage for such a "charitable" chore. The large Woolworths sign in the distance tells another tale, of successful nickel-and-dime stores which are also mostly a thing of our past.

Michael Leddy said...

Fresca, how did I not see the resemblance?

Martha, there are indeed Santa Claus schools. If you go to the Life Photo Archive, you can find many photos from a Life feature (or planned feature?).

On Wednesday I saw a mall Santa drinking from a bottle of water. That seemed just wrong. Santa Should only drink Coke, right?

Anon., I think you’re right about the bell. And good catch on the sign.

shallnot said...

Given so many allusions to wino department store santas in recent times, it's nice to see one just being a regular Joe. Mind you, perhaps this will be the start of strung-out on caffeine santas.

I guess the best depiction of the drunk santa would have to be Art Carney in that "Twilight Zone" episode.

Michael Leddy said...

Yes, that’s a great episode. And given Art Carney’s struggles with alcohol, an especially moving one.

Slywy said...

Funny, the woman behind him almost has her hand in the classic mobile phone position.

Michael Leddy said...

A time traveler?