Monday, January 20, 2014

Google, auto-enhancing images

[Peanuts, January 1, 1994, with “Auto Enhance” off and on. Makes whites greyer!]

I noticed a strange development a few months ago: images in new OCA posts did not match the originals in color. The problem was especially noticeable with white backgrounds, which turned dingy grey. The changed colors are the result of a Google feature (not bug!) called “Auto Enhance,” and auto-enhance (as I will call it) can be turned off only in Google+. In other words, one must sign up for Google+ to undo changes to photographs uploaded to Blogger (and stored in Google’s Picasa Web Albums).

I have no interest in Google+, and at some point I realized that auto-enhance affected only JPEGs, not PNGs. So I began uploading only PNGs. But yesterday a PNG came out with a sepia tint. I tried getting the image into a post via Flickr — doable but kinda cumbersome. So I reached for a cliché, gritted my teeth, signed up for Google+, and turned off auto-enhance.

The good news: you can delete a Google+ profile and auto-enhance will remain off. At least so far. My mantra: Sign up. Turn off. Drop out.

Note that deleting a Google+ profile does not mean deleting a Google Account. Google blurs the distinction by referring to a Google+ profile as “your entire Google profile.” To delete “your entire Google profile” sounds pretty drastic. But “your entire Google profile” is your Google+ profile. Deleting a Google+ profile deletes a Google+ profile.

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Sean said...

"Sign up. Turn off. Drop out."

So I guess this makes you either one of the "leery" of Google+, or "The Leary of Google+" :)

Michael Leddy said...

I think G+ is a bad trip.

Sorry your comment is appearing so late, Sean. Blogger is putting genuine comments into its spam folder. I didn’t see this one until today.

Fresca said...

Thank you for answering my question!
(I'd posted a painting with a cream background that turned up gray.)


Michael Leddy said...

You’re welcome. It’s a little crazy-making, isn’t it?

By the way, your paisley paintings are really something.

Fresca said...

Thanks! (I'll take "really something" as praise.)
I should get it together to turn off the auto-enhance one of these days.