Friday, December 6, 2013

Il laberinto

Mille trecento ventisette, a punto
su l’ora prima, il dì sesto d’aprile,
nel laberinto intrai, né veggio ond’esca.

In 1327, at exactly
the first hour of the sixth of April,
I entered the labyrinth, and I see no way out.

Petrarch 211, from a poem on first seeing Laura (my translation)
In 2013, at exactly the eight hour of the sixth of December, I am entering the labyrinth, and I too see no way out — at least not before Monday. I am entering the grading zone. See you next week.

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Sean said...

Stay hydrated, keep the guitar out of hand's reach, and don't forget to re-orient yourself with the sun now and again. :)

Michael Leddy said...

Yes, I have plenty of water, and the sun might be out tomorrow. My guitar’s in the closet, but the piano . . . there’s a problem.