Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Chicagoan

[The Chicagoan, December 31, 1927. Artist unidentified. Click for a larger view.]

From the University of Chicago Library:

The Chicagoan, published from 1926 to 1935 in Chicago, was explicitly modeled on the New Yorker in both its graphic design and editorial content. The magazine aimed to portray the city as a cultural hub and counter its image as a place of violence and vice. It was first issued biweekly and then, in a larger format, monthly, ceasing publication in the midst of the Depression. The magazine received little national attention during its lifetime and few copies survive. This digital collection reproduces the near-complete run in the University of Chicago Library with issues supplied from other collections where possible.
You can browse the collection here.

Thanks to Slywy for telling me about The Chicagoan. You might like reading her wonderful answer to the question “Why the pencil?”

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Adair said...

I have to confess that, great as Manhattan is, I get a bigger thrill from the skyscrapers in Chicago, a more vivid sense of how exciting early Twentieth Century life in the United States must have been . I was lucky once to have a nocturnal panoramic view of the city center from my hotel room, and it was stunning.I couldn't tear myself away from my window!(I suspect that the inspiration for the city of Fritz Lang's METROPOLIS was more inspired by Chicago than New York.) Chicago is one of my very favorite places, though I am saddened to see its continuing, and even worsening, socio-economic problems.

Michael Leddy said...

Adair, I had a similar experience, years ago, in Chicago (at an MLA convention, of all things). Seeing Chicago on film though never hits me the way New York does.

By the way, we watched the first three episodes of Naked City last night. Great to see John McIntire, whom I always associate with The Street with No Name.

Loredana said...

Cover: Vernon C. Carpenter
Loredana r. Martins

Michael Leddy said...

Thanks for the identification! I'm going to look him up when I get to a computer.