Thursday, November 7, 2013

Domestic comedy

“Good grief. This was on when we were both sentient beings.”

“I was not only sentient; I was watching.”

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[Contemplating, with dismay, television past.]

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Elaine Fine said...

Just for the record, we were discussing "Gilligan's Island." Watching that show was the first time I encountered both Carmen and Hamlet in "Hamlet, Hamlet, do be a Lamblet."

Elaine Fine said...

The Hamlet Lamblet was set to the Barcarolle from Tales of Hoffman, and the Carmen Habenera had the words:

I ask to be
or not to be
oh that is the question
that I ask of Thee

A boy who loves
his mother's knee
that's why I ask to be or not to be

Michael Leddy said...

Like I said, “with dismay.”