Saturday, November 30, 2013

TextExpander discount

Mac users: if you’d like to purchase the great app TextExpander, it’s on sale for $17.47 (list $34.95), through Monday. Follow this link, which SmileOnMyMac has made available to TextExpander users for the sharing.

TextExpander is a tremendously useful app, well worth its price. The app turns snippets — little bits of text — into longer items of the user’s choice. I use TextExpander for URLs, HTML, and frequently typed words and phrases. The snippet ,syic, for instance, turns into

See you in class,

Prof. Leddy
This page and this one offer more detailed explanations. And by the way, all I had to do to create those links was to type ,paste, and TextExpander wrote out the HTML and pasted in the URLs from the figurative clipboard.

Since June 2012, expanding 16,209 snippets has saved me 223,082 characters and 12.39 hours of typing time. Yes, the app keeps track.

[Nothing accrues to me for passing on this info. I’m just an enthusiast.]

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