Friday, November 15, 2013

Domestic comedy

[Two voices, in unison, honest.]

“That sounds a little like ‘Moonlight in Vermont.’”

What sounds a little like “Moonlight in Vermont” is the theme music from the earliest episodes of the television series Naked City (dir. Jules Dassin). The complete run of Naked City, 138 episodes, is now available on DVD. Amazon has the 29-disc set for $121.16 (list $179.98). The pre-order price ended up dropping — who knows why? — from $99 to $25.48. Our household is delirious.

The biggest surprise about the early half-hour episodes of the series: the lead characters are those of the film Naked City, Lieutenant Detective Dan Muldoon and Detective Jimmy Halloran, here played by John McIntire (with artifical flavoring — that is, a brogue) and James Franciscus.

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Anonymous said...

Michael - the price of the DVD dropped because Walmart erroneously listed an incorrect list (and sale) price for the set a few weeks ago. This went on for several days and amazon automatically dropped the pre-order price to match that of Walmart. A few days later, both online sites corrected their prices accordingly. Kudos to amazon for honoring the lower price.

Michael Leddy said...

Yes, indeed. Thanks for the backstory.