Monday, July 15, 2013

Queen Elizabeth exclaims

From The Sea Hawk (dir. Michael Curtiz, 1940):

“Fleet! Fleet! Must I listen to that from you too?”

Yes, Queen Elizabeth, you must. The Spanish are coming! The Spanish are coming!

The Sea Hawk is a swashbuckling story starring Errol Flynn. I mistook The Sea Hawk for The Sea Wolf, a 1941 Curtiz film starring Edward G. Robinson. Let the record show, however, that I was not mistaking Errol Flynn for Edward G. Robinson.

[Swash: “ flamboyantly swagger about or wield a sword.” Buckle: “a small, round shield held by a handle or worn on the forearm.” Thanks, New Oxford American Dictionary.]

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JuliaR said...

For some reason, this reminded me of the Halloween episode of "Third Rock from the Sun" where John Lithgow goes to a party dressed as a pirate and someone asks him, "where are your buccaneers?" and he replies, huffily, "on the sides of my buccin' head!"

Michael Leddy said...


Flynn’s character is a privateer, which seems to me almost a euphemism for pirate.