Saturday, July 6, 2013

An otter failure

[Mark Trail, July 6, 2013.]

“Them”: a couple of otters. Rusty spoke to “them” just yesterday. I quote:

“You two can play in the yard while I go inside and have lunch. But don't wander off — I’ll be back in a few minutes!”
And yet, as Rusty is about to discover, they have wandered — “into the wilderness,” “back to their river home.”

I am troubled to think that the adopted son of the great outdoorsman Mark Trail thinks that otters will follow directions given in English. Everybody knows or else should know that one must speak to otters in Otterman.

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Sean said...

And with them goes young Master Rusty's dream of an Otterman empire.

Thanks for the info regarding Otterman by the way; now I know why I've been getting those strange looks at cocktail parties every time I've mentioned that otters speak Otterite.

Michael Leddy said...

I hope you’ll be invited to anotter party soon.