Thursday, July 11, 2013

Peppers and eggs

It’s called peppers and eggs, but as I prepare the dish, it might better be called eggs and peppers. Or eggs and pepper. Or eggs and pep. In other words, the pepper is a small part of the whole. It’s easy to make:

Cut half an Italian pepper into short, thin strips. If you cannot get an Italian pepper, use a green pepper. You must make do.

Beat two eggs in a bowl.

Add some olive oil to a pan. Cook peppers until they begin to brown. (Notice: pieces of a single pepper become peppers when they hit the pan.)

Add eggs and lower the heat after a bit. Cook until done.

Serve on two pieces of buttered bread. (I prefer Earth Balance to butter.) Add pepper to taste, and salt if you must.
The appropriate beverage to accompany peppers and eggs: chocolate milk. Really. That’s the way I did things as a kid (and still do). Back then: cow’s milk and Carnation Chocolate Malted Milk. Today: Silk and Hershey’s Syrup. The combination of peppers and eggs and chocolate milk is for me a powerful madeleine. Only liverwurst has greater Proustian power.

[Yesterday was Marcel Proust’s birthday.]

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JuliaR said...

For me, it would be the taste of Tang. We used to have it only when we went sailing on Chesapeake Bay in the late '60s. Tang, NASA and the Chesapeake, all rolled into one.

[I know that Tang was invented prior to the space program but that's when it became famous. As we were living as a military family in Virginia in the late '60s, we weren't truly part of all that excitement, but we were pretty close.]