Friday, September 21, 2012

The new Blogger interface
on the iPad

The new Blogger interface is better than it was: one now can at least edit existing posts on an iPad. But it’s difficult to see this barely readable text as an improvement. It’s difficult to see this text at all.

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[So difficult that I didn’t catch the lowercase i at the beginning of the third sentence.]

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will said...

Blogger's new format has made it an easy decision for switching to Facebook, Typepad and Tumblr.

and the "prove you're not a robot" for comments is absolutely horrible.

Michael Leddy said...

I know. I struggle with them too. But with CAPTCHA off, I get dozens and dozens of spam comments a day.

Whit said...

I'm curious why you decided on blogger over Wordpress or another. As the reader I have no complaints. I set up Wordpres for some people and they enjoy managing their account.

Michael Leddy said...

In 2004, Blogger was what I knew. I seem to remember Andrew Sullivan’s blog having a “Powered by Blogger” button in the sidebar.