Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy harvest

At Mother Jones, a 1985 clip in which Mitt Romney speaks of the work of Bain Capital as a matter of investing in and managing companies before “harvest[ing] them at a significant profit.” If companies, like corporations, are people, my friend, this metaphor is one bloody mess.

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Anonymous said...

Will you "harvest" retirement income when the time comes. Would you "harvest" profit from a savings account, IRA or Keough? I think you would harvest, much like others seeking to harvest a profit. Without profits, there is no income; without income, there is no tax revenue. Politics aside, the notion that profit is bad is a losing proposition from a purely arithmetic perspective.

Michael Leddy said...

My point, Anon., was to comment on the metaphor and on the gruesome thought of “harvesting” people.

Elaine said...

Soylent Green!

Michael Leddy said...