Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Another streetside machine

[Henry, September 4, 2012.]

I think that GUM is more plausible than CANDY, but it’s not my comic strip. I’ve seen two other such machines since falling into the Henry vortex.

Are 2012 installments of Henry many decades old? Are they modeled on old strips? Do the makers remember these machines? And back-date magazine stores? And Shoe Repair While U Wait?

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Marzek said...

Funny - I watched the 1931 James Whale movie, Waterloo Bridge, this weekend. There's a scene where, after bringing a Canadian soldier home, the gas goes out and the Mae Clarke character puts a coin in a wall-mounted gas box. The soldier asks her what it is and jokes, "I thought you were getting a pack of gum." If you hadn't pointed out the gum boxes in those Henry strips, that line would have completely baffled me. Thanks!

Michael Leddy said...

I watched that (terrific) movie a while ago as part of a pre-Code compilation — I’ll have to watch it again. Thanks for pointing out that line.