Sunday, September 16, 2012

Nicholson Baker, re: Maeve Brennan

I am cheered to see Maeve Brennan’s name in a New York Times Q. and A. with Nicholson Baker:

Which writers are egregiously overlooked or underrated?

All writers are underrated. They’re all trying to do their best. It’s hard to finish a book. But Denton Welch deserves more of a fuss. Also John McNulty and that Long-Winded Lady, Maeve Brennan. Shakespeare is probably the most overrated writer of all time, although I must say his sonnets are incredible.
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jw said...

I somehow missed your first post on Brennan, or perhaps I saw it but it didn't make any impact on me. Thanks to this post, I re-read your previous post, and have now ordered _The Long-Winded Lady_ from the library.

I appreciate your re-mention of her, and I look forward to spending some time in her company.

Michael Leddy said...