Wednesday, July 11, 2012


There’s something very meta about this box. If I have it right: Salesman meets with store representative and shows sample items tagged with Crown Price Tags. Salesman then attempts to sell not only sample items but also a supply of Crown Price Tags.

That’s one dowdy upsell.

The instructions on this box seem to me to make sense only if “your customer” is a store representative. Let us hope though that the customer’s tags come in a different box. I found this box in an antiques mall (or an “antiques” “mall”) with, of course, a price tag attached.

[The shift from “sell him” to “sell them” makes for a slight stumble in reading, or at least it did for me. You too?]

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The Arthurian said...

So the agonizing confusion between singular and plural is not, then, simply a modern phenomenon. That's good to know. (But not as good as the absence of confusion.)

I came to see you because, today, Google wants me to "Hangout with players from the U.S. Men's Basketball team".

I think "hangout" is a place, and "hang out" the verb is two words. Lots of words like that, lately.

Michael Leddy said...

I’m okay with singular they in some contexts. I wrote a post a few years ago to explain my change of mind.

Hangout as a verb sounds like a good reason to avoid Google+.