Thursday, March 18, 2010

WNEW jingles

“Nice things happen to people who listen to radio eleven-three-oh in the metropolitan area”: just one assertion from almost nine minutes of WNEW jingles. I’m realizing only now how much of this stuff has stuck from my kidhood in “the metropolitan area.”

My favorites: “It’s springtime in New York” and “Nice things.”

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Chris Albertson said...

Thank you for that trip down memory lane. I worked at WNEW in the mid-Sixties and have very fond memories from there, including those great jingles. We had an elderly lady in the continuity department who had been with the station since the 1920s—it was her job to play the organ for guest singers. William B. Willams, Ted Brown, and Klavan & Finch were wonderful people to work with.

Michael Leddy said...

You’re welcome, Chris. Thanks for sharing something of your WNEW connection here. (I’m glad you’re writing an autobiography.)