Wednesday, March 10, 2010


In the supermarket:

“He’s an eye doctor. If he were a proctologist, it would be different.”

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Elaine said...

Ow. Could you not have followed them around, trying to suss out the rest of the meaning?

You're just leaving us like this?

I'm seeing the eye doctor Friday; should I be worried? (Aside from the strange circular blurred area in my right-eye vision, that is...)

Michael Leddy said...

No sussing. But I like not knowing what it means, and trying (also failing) to imagine a context in which I could make sense. Is an eye doctor a better catch than a proctologist? Vice versa?

I hope all is okay at your eye doctor’s, Elaine.

Andy said...

A bit of a coincidence and a possible context: I was doing some work in our Eye Clinic a couple weeks ago and one of the staff pointed out some artwork in the hall that was based on one of the types of retinal imaging they do in the clinic. I found myself thinking something very much along the lines of the quoted statements.