Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Welcome, 500,000th visitor

StatCounter just recorded the 500,000th visitor to Orange Crate Art. Welcome, 500,000th visitor!

For big boys and girls, half a million visitors are all in a day’s work, or two. Not so here. Half a million visitors are a big deal.

I’m pretty certain that Visitor No. 500,000 is a friend who lives in ______, Illinois. She browses with Firefox in Windows XP. Sara, is that you? Your prizes are on their way.

Visitor No. 499,999 wondered about the truth of this statement: students can greet a professor by saying what’s up.

Uh, no. Sara would tell you that too.

I’m grateful to Visitor No. 499,999 (who may have received some serious edification by reading How to e-mail a professor). And I’m grateful to anyone who reads here. And if, reader, you’re reading the feed, in Google Reader or elsewhere, I’m grateful to you too. Stop by sometime and say hello. (Hello!)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, yes! It was me!

And the student stuff, very timely.

(see email)

So, um, about that prize...


Michael Leddy said...

Such synchronicity! Let me think of a suitable treasure.

Elaine said...

Send her an empty tea cannister. Reuse, repurpose, recycle! (I know, I know. I'm just jealous, because I often read, but do not always post.)