Sunday, March 21, 2010


“It’s a victory for the American people, and it’s a victory for common sense”: President Barack Obama, a few minutes ago.

With the Civil Rights Act (1964), Voting Rights Act (1965), and Social Security Act, aka Medicare (1965), it seems the most significant legislation of my lifetime.

[HCR: Health Care Reform.]

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Elaine said...

You said it! I started working (albeit for a universal single-payer system) when our (uninsurable) daughter was 13. I'm a chapter in a book, a lot of position papers, a testimony in the Congressional Record, about a gazillion letters, and even some donated dollars, into the fight. Sixteen years later--when the reforms are actually too late to help my family--Change has come. I'm truly elated, but it's bittersweet. After years in the state's 'high-risk pool,' daughter Laura now has the same plan that our Congressmen have--because she is in public service.