Sunday, February 1, 2009

Erica, Erika

The New York Times Corrections column makes for unpredictably enjoyable reading:

An article on Jan. 11 about the television show United States of Tara, whose protagonist has dissociative identity disorder (once known as multiple personality disorder), misidentified a soap opera character who has the illness and the actress who portrays her. Viki Lord Davidson, a character on ABC's One Life to Live played by Erika Slezak, has the disorder — not Erica Kane, a character on ABC's All My Children portrayed by Susan Lucci.

The Four (at Least) Faces of Tara (New York Times)
My friend Stefan Hagemann caught this mistake last month. Stefan, feel vindicated!

[The Times correction links to the wrong article; I've linked to the right one above.]

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Anonymous said...

Hooray! Thanks, Michael, for noting and posting the correction. I'd given up checking the error column a couple weeks ago, but I'm delighted to see this one acknowledged. Now everyone in Pine Valley and Llanview (sp?) can sleep more soundly.

Michael Leddy said...

Stefan, I'm not sure what prompted me to look at the Corrections yesterday, but I'm glad I did.