Saturday, February 28, 2009

David Frauenfelder on fear and spending

David Frauenfelder at Breakfast with Pandora suggests that even as we cut back on expenses, we must also cut back on fear. I like the way he puts it:

Though no one's job is perfectly safe, if we all decide we must have two years' of savings in the bank before we spend again, eventually no one will have a job except the security guard at the bank.
[Apologies to David: I have corrected my misspelling of his last name in this post.]

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Anonymous said...

The economy is all about confidence, and once we've all lost confidence we're doomed. Somebody finally has to take a stand and say things will get better, and act accordingly. Personally, I'm doing my part, deciding not to put off the bathroom renovations we've needed for a while now.