Friday, February 20, 2009

Creamsby's Sheaves

Stationery in the "news":

Loan officers at the First National Bank of Kansas City defended their decision to lend local man Tim Creamsby $650,000 to open a small stationery store Monday, explaining that, while the business's long-term prospects were poor, the idea was "simply too pathetic and heartbreaking" not to sign off on. . . . Several factors reportedly contributed to their generous offer, most notably having to watch the kind-faced old man pull from his pocket a small, dog-eared slip of paper—worn soft as felt from years of repeated handling—on which he had written a number of potential store names, including "Notable Notes," "The Jottery," and "Creamsby's Sheaves." "I was about to suggest that he consider a more practical business, like a coffee shop or a hat store, but then he brought out that list of names," bank vice president Nathan Bergeson said while attempting to remove some dust that had gotten into his eye. "I think the bank's going to have to eat this one." Plan To Start Little Stationery Store Too Sad For Bank To Deny Loan (The Onion)

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Eustace Bright said...

Oh! I didn't read that was from the Onion until the end. Darn you, Michael Leddy! :) :)

I was really pulling for him.

(And the name "Creamsby's Sheaves").

Michael Leddy said...

It's hard to know how to introduce an item from The Onion, and when I first saw the headline for this one, in an e-mail, I didn't realize I was reading a parody. But I did put quotation marks around the word news at the start. A flimsy defense, I'll admit. : )

I would love to live in a town with a Creamsby's Sheaves, or even a Jottery. And a record store and delicatessen.