Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Buy peanut butter

A recent New York Times article notes that sales of peanut butter are down nearly 25%. Peanut-related articles from Google News show that pattern holding. The fragility of the American economy makes such obviously bad news even worse.

A simple suggestion that might do some good: buy a jar of peanut butter. The American Peanut Council (I never thought I'd type that name) has a list of brands not affected by the FDA recall. In our house, we like Smucker's Natural. We bought a new jar yesterday.

As for Stewart Parnell, owner of the Peanut Corportation of America, who took the Fifth Amendment when asked today if he'd eat his company's (bacteria-laden) products, Dante could devise a suitable punishment.

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Genevieve Netz said...

After reading a sickening description of the filthy conditions in one of those plants that produced the tainted peanut butter, it's a relief to see that our brand is on the safe list. Thanks for posting the link.